The plant, also known as marijuana among other names, is still insider turf for many. Here at JUSTHERB, we take our new customers seriously and are happy to tell you all there is to know about this wonderful medicine and it’s many different uses.

The most widely available shapes and forms of medical cannabis

Shatter, flower, Rosin, Wax – Do you really know what you’re smoking or what to ask the budtender for next time you visit the dispensary? We’re here to help and shed some light onto the confusion! Here’s a handy guide for the most common cannabis products currently available on the market.

  • Bubble Hash

    Bubble hash is cannabis in its purest form, since it’s made by drawing out the pure cannabinoids from the plant and uses only them. They get sifted away from the rest of the plant, leaving just pure, potent THC.

    The name comes from the bubbles that form when you heat it up when you’re ready to enjoy it. The name can also refer to the “bubble bags” which are used in the production process to sift the plant matter apart from the purified trichomes used to create the bubble hash.

  • Budder

    The smoothest and creamiest of the wax family is the aptly named Budder wax. Budders are very creamy and silky and often with a very rich deep yellow color. Budders are perhaps the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to wax concentrates.

  • Crumble

    Crumble is very similar to sugar wax as it is also made using BHO extraction techniques. The waxy concentrate that crumbles to the touch forms its texture during the heating and cooling process. The difference is that crumble lacks the same crystally shine. Rather, it falls somewhere in between sugar wax and whipped budder.

    Crumble is easy to use – just scoop it up onto your dab tool. They can get a bit dusty or flakey when they lose moisture, so make sure you keep crumbles in a cool dark place in a size-appropriate container that is air-tight.

  • Live Resin

    If you are looking for live resin, your are looking for flavor in your dabbing experience. This newer extraction technique uses flash frozen buds right after harvest. The resin, consisting og oils, is extracted from the frozen plant. This cannot be done casually ay home – laboratory equipment is needed for this process. Just like with food, the fast freezing of fresh flowers preserves more of the terpenes and cannabinoids than other methods of  extraction.

    This technique is really good for preserving the flavor and terpene make-up of the original plant – as cannabis buds age, aroma molecules and cannabinoids break down and degrade. Flash freezing them intervenes with the natural decaying process and saves the terpenes and compounds found on the fresh flower.

  • Rosin

    Heat and pressure are the tools to make rosin – cannabis trichomes are melted and pressurized into a sticky, translucent goo. Rosin can be home-made and by using parchment paper and cannabis flower or kief crystals – creating something akin to shatter. You simply fold the parchment paper over your cannabis and by using a regular hair straightener, you heat the kief or dried bud to melt and extract the resin glands.

    The result is a sticky, dabbable concentrate left to the parchment paper.

  • Shatter

    Shatter – a glass-like sheet of hardened cannabis resin – is one of the most common extracted cannabis concentrates for dabbing. The candy hard end result is also one of the purest and strongest extractions available today – up to 80% THC can be found. In order to make shatter, cannabis materials go through a double extraction. This takes some of the flavor out as the process removes a large majority of the fats and other plant particles from the oil.

    Expert tip: Shatter can be a little difficult to work with, especially as it ages. If your shatter is too brittle to use effectively, heat up your dab tool just a little bit to better break off and pick up the oil so you can actually consume the stuff.

    Interested in how we make JustHerb cannabis extracts? Read all about professional cannabis extraction here.

  • Wax

    Wax has lost it’s crystalline structure either through purposeful manipulation or agitation during the purging process. Wax concentrates are opaque but the texture of these concentrates can vary drastically. So the basics on concentrates is that if you can see through it, it’s shatter, if you can not see through it, it is wax.