We have been hand-crafting cannabis for over 10 years.

As the market of complicated, disposable and experimental products explodes, we see a distancing from the roots of the marijuana culture and its heritage, the flower. This is why we decided to create a cannabis brand that speaks for itself: real, no-frills high quality flower. No additives, only the best nutrients, grown by people who love what they do. Everything properly derived thereafter stands the test of utmost quality.

The emergence of a new cannabis business space has created incredible growth in our industry and attracted lots of attention from the corporate world. As heritage California producers we know the importance of this industry to the regional economies of Northern California and its communities.

As we grow as a brand, we will maintain our commitment to source exclusively from heritage farmers, focusing on boutique small batch production. Together, we seek to preserve the integrity of cannabis in its natural form, grown with care, without pesticides or over fertilization to ensure a standard of excellence throughout our product line.

“Our mission is to take cannabis from being viewed merely as a high value, resource depleting, socially damaging crop and transform its identity to one which enhances well-being and gives back with equal capacity to the earth and its citizens, our customers.”

Sean – Master Cultivator