Looking for a special gift for your quality loving friend  who also happens to smoke weed? Look no further!

Cannabis is cool again, and its image is changing. With the legalization of recreational cannabis products at our (California) doorstep, the design of cannabis themed or directed products is moving from a “under the counter” and “stoner only” type of industry to a mainstream and lifestyle-providing design market place. Thank god, remember those? We love this development and are amazed at the products we now see popping up everywhere – from sustainable handcrafts to crazy luxury – there sure is something for everyone! Here are our personal favorite stoner gifts. Get inspired…



Pricetag: $276.00

Girls gone high. This pure cashmere sweater with a marijuana leaf intarsia adds some punch to her outfit. Boat neckline. Dropped shoulders. Ribbed trim. Get it with the good people at 360Cashmere

Stash it in style


Pricetag: $35

This snitch-like golden orb case is a beautiful way to keep your flower safe inside your bag/pocket. It has been precision-machined out of solid aerospace aluminum alloy in California and you can purchase it at the sweet sweet Sweetflag Online Store.

Join the Mile High Club


Pricetag: $30 for the pipe and from $75 for the dugout

This nifty mini pipe is not only a beautiful design-item, this classic one hitter-style glass bat with wooden tip will make the perfect addition to your collection as a personal sesh pipe. We decided to show it with the case that fits it perfectly. Very pretty, up for grabs at Elevate Accessories

Metal smoke


Pricetag: $20 for 2 sheets

Ok, we’ve gotta admit that these are crazy but also kinda cool for a show-off moment. Think the first blunt on new years eve while your making all those resolutions, maybe? This handcrafted pure edible silver and pure edible gold rolling paper is made with a hemp blend base for the smoothest burn. Buy it directly from the SHINE paper guys

Ombré, hombre!


Pricetag: $90 (each)

Not only your hair, also your smoking utensils are now ombré and reminiscent of an LA sunset. These ceramic pipes are airbrushed with the most delicious pastel ombré fade and were inspired by the Bauhaus and Xanadu. This product is made in LA and can be purchased in Shop Tetra

Plug ‘n plant


Pricetag: roughly $1,499

No we’re moving into a different price range but hey, this is a great christmas gift for a newbie home grower who has everything. Leaf automatically grows medical plants and food and is controlled by your smartphone. The device is a 4′ x 2′ box that will fit two plants, which will yield between 4-5 ounces of weed. Preorder the box directly at Leaf

(Semi) precious but so luxurious


Pricetag: from $450

Cannabis flower really doesn’t like light, it loses it’s aroma. But instead of keeping your weed in a nondescript box in a shelf, stash it in one of these sumptuous hand-made boxes! They are crafted from rare, luxurious slabs of semi-precious stones including Malachite and Crystal, paired with hand-polished brass. Buy these beautiful boxes for your green jewels at Rablabs By Anna

Sail away with this bong


Pricetag: $189.99

The name of this beautiful minimal design bong is “Land Yacht Ceramic”. This classy baby is standing at 12.5″ and once you board the Land Yacht you know you are in for a smooth ride. It holds more smoke thanks to the roomy double chamber and is available at Billowby.

Grind it better


Pricteag: from $33 (small)

There are grinders and there is this thing. And it is dope. The Space Grinder has multiple chambers: one for grinding, one for catching, and another that’s positioned under a fine mesh screen for catching all the crystals that might fall off the nugs. Get it directly at Space Grinders

Inspired? You likey? You think something’s missing very much n here? Tell us what in the comments below or drop us a line at office@justherb.co.